Red-Pill Connect

helping red-pilled people to make contacts and friends

What is Red-Pill Connect?

Red-Pill Connect is a free service run by trusted members of the British Men’s Rights Movement. It links like-minded people, who are in the same geographic area, for friendships and possible activism. It is not a dating agency.

Why is Red-Pill Connect Important?

When a person becomes red-pilled, they realise that the gender dynamics narratives being described to them by the mainstream media are not at all true.
It is not uncommon for red-pilled people to lose friendships because of this and feel isolated as their view of the world starts to change. Making new friends can be hard, especially ones who share your views and outlook.  You may even feel that you are ‘going mad’ or that you are alone in having these beliefs. You are not alone though, there are an ever increasing number of people like you, just waiting to make contact with like-minded people.

How does Red-Pill Connect work?

You fill out a quick and secure online-form, giving a name (you can use a false one), your age, sex, a contact email address and your general geographic location. It also helps if you tell us a bit more information about yourself, but this is optional. If you wish to only be matched with people of your own sex, then you can indicate this too.

The team at Red-Pill Connect add your details to a private database and when we get a match with other people in your general area, we will contact all parties. It is then up to you and the people we match you with to initiate contact in a sensible way. We advise to not immediately reveal your identity until you know that the other people are genuine and are who they say they are. Hopefully, friendships will develop, or at the very least you will have made useful contacts with individuals or small local groups.

You may not hear from us immediately, but, when we see two or more people in the same area, we will offer to connect you.

Protecting your data

We will store the data you enter on the form, but will not share it with anyone else. You can have your data removed by sending an email to with ‘unsubscribe’ as the subject.